We have put together this comprehensive guide, complete with relevant web links, to facilitate your journey to the sacred lands around the Muslim World. We hope this will provide you with all the knowledge and tools needed to plan your trip, Insha’Allah.

1. Free Under Seat Allowance

Most airlines provide a free under seat bag allowance, you can maximize this by getting a made to measure bag specifically designed for that purpose.

Designed specifically to comply with airline cabin allowances, this backpack measures 15 x 11 x 7 inches, fitting perfectly under the seat for international airlines. This allows you to utilize your luggage space to the maximum without worrying about exceeding airline size restrictions.

2. Travel Insurance

Investing in travel insurance is a crucial step in planning your trip. This small investment, often can provide valuable peace of mind and financial protection. Travel insurance typically covers a range of unexpected events such as cancellation of your travel plans, loss or theft of your belongings, and even medical expenses that you might incur while abroad or in the US.

It’s also worth noting that some premium bank memberships include travel insurance as part of their package, so you may already be covered. We strongly recommend checking this with your bank before your trip. Whether it’s from your bank or a separate policy.

3. Medication, Allergies & Other Requirements

We want to ensure that your health needs are taken care of during your travels with us. If you require medication, please remember to bring an adequate supply to cover the duration of your trip, including some extra in case of unexpected delays. If your medication has specific storage requirements, like refrigeration, or if you have any allergies, please inform us in advance so we can make necessary arrangements with our hotel partners.
Also, it’s essential that you complete our passenger admin form which includes a brief medical questionnaire. This allows us to fully understand your needs and ensure you have a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable trip. Your health and wellbeing are our top priority, and with your cooperation, we can make your journey as seamless as possible.

4. Travel Electronics & Wifi

Travel plug adapter ensures your electronic devices are always charged and ready. Opt for a universal adapter to cover multiple countries with different socket types. With a travel plug adapter you can be sure to keep connected wherever your journey takes you.

Power bank, these compact, portable devices are essential for keeping your electronic gadgets – from smartphones to tablets – charged and ready to use. Whether you’re navigating unfamiliar city streets, capturing the perfect travel photo, or keeping in touch with friends and family back home, a power bank ensures you’re never caught out with a dead battery.

WiFi services, if your phone is unlocked you can also consider purchasing a sim card from the local shops. We do however recommend people to consider an eSim which most modern phones have the capability to do so. We advise our travelers to use Airalo, a global data provider. This is to simplify your travel experiences by eliminating the challenges of staying connected when abroad for a seamless, hassle-free data and great value solution during your tours when you are not connected to hotel WiFi.

5. Snacks & Drinks

When embarking on our coach tours or walking tours, we highly recommend bringing along your own snacks and drinks. Although we do make meal stops during the coach tours, having personal refreshments on hand can keep energy levels up and help ward off hunger between stops. This is especially useful during airport wait times or during walking tours. From snacks and small bites to hydrating bottled water, packing your favorite snacks ensures you’re never left feeling puckish during your journeys.

6. Be Street Smart – Buying, Eating & Exchanging

Being a smart traveler goes beyond planning and packing – it’s also about being street-savvy. In popular tourist destinations, it’s not uncommon to encounter prices slightly higher than the local rate. However, to avoid being significantly overcharged, we advise you to adopt a few simple practices. When shopping or for any activities, don’t settle for the first price you see – browse around different shops to get a sense of the standard pricing. Similarly, when dining out, it’s wise to confirm the prices before ordering.

When it comes to exchanging money, it’s advisable to compare rates between several exchange shops. You can also compare them with online rates, like those on Google, but bear in mind that the actual rate might be a little less due to market fluctuations. Being street-smart is all about making informed choices.

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7. Dressing Mindfully: Local Customs & Weather

When travelling to Muslim-majority countries and visiting sacred and religious sites, it’s important to dress appropriately and respect local customs and religious traditions. Modest attire is recommended for both brothers and sisters. Not only is this respectful, it also helps you blend in and feel comfortable in your surroundings.

In addition to cultural sensitivity, also consider the weather and climate of your destination when packing. Check forecasts before departure and ensure your wardrobe is suitable for the conditions expected during your trip. Dressing appropriately is not just about comfort, but also about showing respect and understanding for the places and communities you’ll be visiting. By doing so, you’ll enjoy a more immersive and respectful travel experience.

8. Planning Your Trip To Airport

Proper planning is key to a stress-free journey to the airport. If you plan to drive, consider potential traffic, study alternative routes, and book your parking in advance for the best rates and availability. If you’re relying on a friend for a drop-off, it’s prudent to have a backup plan in place should circumstances change. For those taking the train, remember to leave with plenty of time to spare to account for any unexpected delays.

We recommend aiming to arrive at the airport at least three hours before your flight, allowing you to meet up with the rest of the group and navigate check-in and security processes comfortably. Don’t forget to plan for your return as well – make arrangements for pick-up or, if you’ve parked at the airport, take a picture of your parking spot to easily locate your car upon your return. Proper preparation can make your journey to and from the airport seamless and set a positive tone for your entire trip.

9. Security Of Belongings / Digital Backup Of Important Docs

When travelling abroad, safety should be your top priority. To protect yourself and your belongings, we recommend avoiding flashing valuable items such as jewellery, mobiles, cameras or carrying large amounts of cash, as these may attract unwanted attention. It’s also prudent to be aware of pickpockets, especially in crowded tourist areas. Keeping important documents like passports and bank cards secure, and only taking them out when specifically required, can further reduce the risk of loss or theft.

Insurance that covers your possessions can provide an additional layer of security. This can offer you peace of mind knowing that, even in the unfortunate event of theft or loss, you are covered. Lastly, remember to never leave your possessions unattended. If you need to step away, ensure your belongings are with someone you trust. Following these safety measures will help you to relax and fully enjoy your travel experience.

We highly recommend that all travelers maintain digital copies or photos of essential documents such as boarding passes, passports, and identification. In the unlikely event of losing your physical documents, these backups can serve as vital proof of your identity and travel arrangements. Storing these securely on your phone or email account can ease potential complications at airports, hotels, or immigration checkpoints. It’s a simple step that takes just a few minutes but can save you a great deal of stress. So, before setting off, make sure to digitalize your crucial documents to ensure a smooth and worry-free journey.

10. Journey In Comfort: Foldable Chairs & Pushchairs / Compact Travel Iron

Comfort is key to fully enjoying your travel experiences. For families with young children, consider the practicality of bringing pushchairs for ease of movement. For those who require regular rest or have mobility issues, portable folding chairs can be a great aid. Before booking, we encourage you to review the itinerary or speak with our team to ensure all planned activities are suitable for your individual needs.

Do remember to wear appropriate shoes, particularly if there’s a lot of walking involved. Comfortable footwear can make a significant difference in your overall experience. The journeys you’ll embark on with us are truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and it’s important to look after and support each other, ensuring that every member of your group is comfortable and able to fully participate in these amazing spiritual experiences.

Stay crease-free on your travels with the compact a lightweight Travel Iron. Their small size ensures a snug fit in your luggage, while the stainless steel soleplate makes ironing quick and smooth. A reasonably sized water tank capacity which is ideal for pressing a few outfits at once.

How To Use An eSim Guide

We Recommend eSims when travelling!

We advise our travellers to use Airalo, a global data provider. This is to simplify your travel experiences by eliminating the challenges of staying connected when abroad for a seamless, hassle-free data and great value solution during your tours.

Airalo is the world’s first eSIM store aimed at eliminating high roaming bills. With their eSims, you can easily download and install a digital data pack from over 200 countries/regions. This ensures you remain connected wherever you land during your travels, without having to worry about expensive roaming charges or finding a SIM card vendor.

How eSims Work

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Install Guide For Apple IOS

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Install Guide For Android

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