Passport Requirements

Air Travel

Everyone traveling by air, outside the United States are required to present a valid passport for 6 months from the time of departure.

Land and Sea Travel

All Persons traveling by land and sea, outside the United States, are required to present a passport book/card, or other valid travel documents to enter or re-enter the United States.

The Passport Card

The passport card is only valid for land and sea travel between U.S. and Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean region, and Bermuda. A passport is highly recommended. Passengers must be aware that should an emergency situation occur, without a passport, return home via air would not be possible. Passport requirements are subject to change by the US Department of  Homeland Security, or by the cruise line involved.

A change in passport requirements will not relinquish you any cancellation penalties / policy. Non-U.S. citizens must carry a valid passport and US issued alien card (Green Card). All non-U.S. citizens must have a “multiple entry” visa for country of tours and returning to the United States. Securing any visas is the responsibility of the tour participant. To obtain a US passport visit US government website for more information  Click here or call the ZAdventuro office should you have questions about requirements for a specific vacation choice.