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This spiritual journey offers you a unique opportunity to delve into the profound history of Islam, while immersing yourself in the vibrant culture and traditions of Jordan. Spanning 5 nights and 6 days, this trip will lead you to some of the most amazing sites in Jordan. This package includes spending 1 night at Petra (7th Wonder Of The World)

From the Maqams of Prophets (AS) such as Nabi Shu’ayb (AS) and Nabi Ayub (A) to the significant Maqams of Sahaba (RA) like Ja’far Ibn Abi Talib (RA), Zaib Ibn Harith (RA), and Abdullah Ibn Rawah (RA), your spiritual thirst will be quenched. Not to mention the historic Umayyad structures, Historic Citadel Citadel. Discover locations mentioned in our tradition such as the Surah Al-Kahf Cave, The Blessed Sahabi Tree and the site of the Battle Of Mu’tah.

Our inclusive package encompasses hotel accommodations with breakfast, Ziyaras, private transportation, and professionally guided tours. You will spend five nights at a Hotel in Amman. The itinerary ensures that you have ample time to soak in the essence of each site, while also enjoying the local traditions.


• Maqams Of Prophets (AS)
• Maqams Of Sahaba (RA)
• Nabi Nuh (AS)
• Nabi Sulayman (AS)
• Nabi Harun (AS)
• Nabi Sheeth (AS)
• Nabi Shu’ayb (AS)
• Nabi Yusha (AS)
• Nabi Ayub (AS)
• Ja’far Ibn Abi Talib (RA)
• Zaib Ibn Harith (RA)
• Abdullah Ibn Rawah (RA)
• Bilal Ibn Rabah (RA)
• Abdul Rahman Ibn Awf (RA)
• Muadh Ibn Jabal (RA)
• Al-Harith Ibn Umayr Al-Azdi (RA)
• Sahabi Tree
• Surah Al-Kahf Cave
• Battle Of Mu’tah Site
• Al-Husseini Ottoman Mosque
• Blue Dome Mosque
• View Of The Dead Sea
• Mount Nebo
• Amman Citadel
• Umayyad Palace, Mosque & Water Cistern
• Ayyubid Watchtower
• Roman Temple of Hercules
• Byzantine Church
• Roman Theatre, 6000 Seat
• Petra (UNESCO) 7th Wonder

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  • Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Ziyaras
  • Private Transport
  • Private Guided Tours


  • Flights (Can Provide)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Hotel Drinks
  • Ancient City Of Petra

Tour Plan

Upon your arrival at Amman International Airport, the friendly immigration staff will greet you. Conveniently, the airport offers complimentary Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect your devices swiftly. Once online, we encourage you to notify our ground coordinator via WhatsApp of your arrival, ensuring seamless coordination for the subsequent parts of your journey. As you proceed to the visa clearance section, make sure to have all your documents in order to expedite the process. Our dedicated ground agent will be there to assist you with any requirements. Following these formalities, you will be comfortably transported in an air-conditioned vehicle to your hotel in Amman, a short 35-minute drive away. After you've checked into the hotel and settled, dinner awaits you. You can then rest and rejuvenate, preparing for the enlightening spiritual journey ahead.
After breakfast, embark on a journey steeped in history and spirituality. Your day begins with an exploration of the iconic Amman Citade with wonders such as the Umayyad Palace, Mosque & Water Cistern, an Ayyubid Watchtower, the Roman Temple of Hercules, a Byzantine Church, and an ancient 6000-seat Roman theatre. Following this historical immersion, the day continues with a visit to the Al-Husseini Mosque, an Ottoman marvel constructed by King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein in 1924. This Mosque stands on the very grounds where the revered Caliph Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (RA) established a mosque in 640 A.D. Nearby, the King Abdullah Mosque, affectionately termed the Blue Dome Mosque for its azure interior, stands as a testament to King Abdullah Ibn Al-Hussein's legacy. Venturing into Jubeiha, an Amman suburb, we pay our respects to Abdul-Rahman Ibn Awf Al-Zuhri (RA), one of the ten companions promised paradise. His legacy includes participation in major Muslim battles like Uhud and Badr. Our journey then leads to Wadi Seer, home to the Maqam of the blessed Sahabi, Bilal Ibn Rabah (RA). Once a slave, he rose to prominence with his deep faith, becoming the Prophet Muhammad's ﷺ cherished muezzin. Delving deeper into history, we move to Al-Salt, once the administrative heart of the Ottoman Empire in the region. Here, we're granted the privilege to visit the Maqams of Prophets Shu’ayb (AS) and Yusha (AS), with the latter's Maqam perched on a hill bearing his blessed name. The day culminates with a trip to Khirbet Ayub, southwest of Al-Salt, where you'll find the Maqam of the blessed Prophet Ayub (AS), known for his unwavering patience and faith. As dusk settles, we return to Amman for a well-deserved dinner and restful night.
Following breakfast, our spiritual journey takes us to the Al-Raqim Village, 10 kilometers from Amman. It is here that you'll encounter the remarkable Surah Kahf Cave, also known as the Cave of the Seven Sleepers. This sacred site, is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an with an entire chapter bearing its name, holds profound historical and religious significance. Our journey then leads us 156 km from Amman to the majestic Sahabi Tree, also known as the Tree of Al-Buqayawiyya. This ancient Atlantic Pistachio tree, standing proud for over 1,500 years, is historically significant as the very spot where Prophet Muhammad ﷺ sought shade and rest during a trade expedition accompanied by his uncle, Abu Talib. As evening approaches, we will make our way back to Amman, concluding the day with dinner and rest.
After breakfast, we embark on a journey travelling via the renowned Kings Highway, en route to Mount Nebo. This sacred site is where Prophet Musa (AS) was bestowed with an amazing view of the Holy Lands (Palestine) a sweeping panorama encompassing the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and the Palestinian mountains. From here, our expedition proceeds to Al-Karak, the historic battleground of the Battle of Mu’tah, fought in 629AD. This site witnessed the martyrdom of several of the Holy Prophet Muhammad's ﷺ cherished companions against the Byzantine/Ghassanid forces. Our spiritual journey deepens as we visit the blessed Maqams and Masjids of some illustrious companions of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Among them, Ja’far Ibn Abu Talib (RA), also known as Ja’far Al-Tayar, the Prophet's ﷺ cousin and elder brother to Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA). We will also visit the valiant Sahabi Zaid Ibn Al-Haritha (RA), who was embraced and mentored by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ from a young age, and the esteemed Sahabi Abdullah Ibn Rawahah (RA) - all of whom demonstrated unparalleled valor at the Battle of Mu’tah. The day concludes with a tranquil drive back to Amman, for dinner and a night of rest.
Today is yours to explore at your leisure. Delve into the vibrant local markets, savour the delightful local cuisine, or simply wander and soak in the ambience of the city. Whatever your heart desires, the day is yours to enjoy. We recommend that upon returning to your accommodation in the evening, you take some time to pack your bags. We'll be setting off for the airport after breakfast.
We will depart from the hotel approximately 3 hours before your flight's scheduled departure. This ensures ample time for a smooth and unhurried transition. Once at the airport, proceed through the necessary checks and procedures, taking a moment to bid farewell to the city that has been your home away from home. Safe travels and may the memories of Jordan accompany you on your spiritual and educational journey.


What is the dress code in Jordan?

Jordan is a Muslim-majority country, and it’s important to respect local customs. Both men and women are advised to dress modestly. Women should wear a hijab and loose, long-sleeved clothing that covers the body. Men should avoid wearing shorts.

How are the locals?

The locals in Jordan are known for their warm hospitality and friendliness. They are very accommodating, often going out of their way to make visitors feel welcome. This kindness and generosity is a part of the country’s rich cultural heritage that you’ll get to experience during your visit.

What will the weather be like?

The weather in Jordan varies by season. Summers can be very hot, while winters can be quite cold. Please check the forecast and pack accordingly.

Do We Have Wi-Fi & Data SIM Cards

Yes, Wi-Fi is available at our hotels to help you stay connected. Additionally, you have the option to purchase a local data SIM to providing you with internet access throughout the duration of the tour which we will be happy to direct you to.

What currency is used in Jordan?

The official currency is the Jordanian Dinar. Currency exchange services are available close to hotels and our guides will be happy to take you to them.

Is English spoken widely in Jordan?

While some Jordanians speak English, particularly in the tourism industry, it’s not widely spoken. However, Zadventuro provides English-speaking guides to assist you during your visit.

Can I take photographs?

Yes, photography is generally allowed, but respect local customs and privacy. It’s polite to ask before photographing people. Some religious sites may prohibit photography.

Is the tour family-friendly?

Yes, our tours are designed to be family-friendly and suitable for travellers of all ages. Jordan itself is known for its welcoming culture and families frequently visit the places that are included in our tour. We ensure that the needs of every family member are met, making it a memorable experience for everyone.

How do we travel during the tour?

We prioritize the comfort of our guests throughout their journey. All of the travel during tours involves travelling in air-conditioned vehicles. These vehicles provide a comfortable and relaxing environment as we traverse the diverse landscapes of Jordan.

Will there be local support during our stay in Jordan?

Absolutely! While in Jordan, the group will be accompanied by local licensed tour operators who are well-versed with the locations we’ll visit. They will help navigate us through the sites and assist with all logistics during our stay. Their aim, like ours, is to ensure you have a smooth, worry-free, and memorable experience throughout your journey. They are always ready and happy to help.

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